I'm a qualified Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher, with a 200 hour RYT certificate from Sampoorna School in Agonda, India. Outside of that I've studied alignment, arm balances and inversions more than anything, all of which come into my classes quite a lot!


I started 'doing yoga' around 15 years ago after suffering a back injury and having to totally wind in my dance practice and fitness training, but at the same time suffering more due to muscles relaxing and losing strength. I did my first class at a local gym in Liverpool and loved it, didn't find over whelming aches and joint pain afterwards, and realised some sort of invigorated feeling came over me. After a handful of years skipping between physiotherapy, weight training and running, I started a much more focused physical practice six years ago at The Yoga Lounge (now The Life Centre) in Manchester.


Eventually I used yoga as part of a proper full-body rehabilitation process, as well as an extension of my younger years learning Far Eastern martial arts. The mindful side of yoga became more prevalent to me when I moved to Leeds in 2014 and started practising with teachers like Angela Sykes (Yoga Kula) and Holly Mcfee (Yoga Hero), and I started to explore different styles of yoga, encompassing Yin and Ashtanga in my own flows, as well as learning much more about yoga as a lifestyle; its depth, it's theory, it's importance in self discovery and emotional health, not just physical fitness. A couple of years ago I started dancing again, and last year attended my first martial arts class in a long time.


The Vinyasa sequences I teach follow dynamic choreography, incorporating Ashtanga asanas and a strong focus on alignment which has always been important to me and is a much needed foundation for asana practice! Classes are always fun and always allow students to explore their own abilities, and focus on their breath and movement coordination, so are suitable for beginners and intermediate yogis too.


Drop me an email to talk about corporate or private yoga sessions, and my regular classes are here on the site, with one-off workshops in the news section and on my social media; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram