Alignment and Anatomy in Ashtanga Workshop

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Taking elements from the Ashtanga Primary Series, this workshop aims to give you sufficient understanding of physical yoga practice and your own body to work through key asanas and flows with confidence, strength and ease. And a smile!

Ideal for people used to Ashtanga and Vinyasa classes and wanting to improve their practice, we’ll look at anatomical differences, as well as using props and taking modifications which will allow your body to develop into asanas over time.

Sunday 22 July 13:00-15:00


Moving through Surya Namaskar A and B, and working with:

– Virabhadrasana 1 and 2
– Trikonasana
– Parsvakonasana
– Parsvottanasana
– Padangusthasana
– Chaturanga

Perfect for:
* This workshop is great for complete beginners to yoga, as well as for people who want to enhance their practice and dive deeper.
* If you are new to the practice of yoga this is a great way to set a safe and thorough foundation to step into your yoga practice.

Price: £15 for the workshop
Included in Yoga Hero Membership

De-Desk Yourself: Workplace Well-being

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A huge 60% of our waking hours are spent at work these days, more than ever before, and research shows that employees believe therefore that their employer has a responsibility to look after and support their well-being and their work/life balance.

77% of employees place workplace well-being as the secret to employee happiness, and a third of workers consider leaving their job due to poor workplace well-being [UNUM 2018].

Businesses with well-being programmes are proven to attract and retain the best people; they receive higher levels of employee engagement and improve their rankings in the Times Top 100 Companies [Feel Good 2018].

So, as an employer there is greater responsibility to consider your employees' well-being! Implementing a well-being strategy that considers and facilitates both emotional and physical health is necessary for businesses, and employees – and yoga can be a hugely beneficial part of that strategy. From energy-increasing movement to calming breathing exercises to quiet seated meditation, yoga is an inclusive activity which everyone can benefit from, and its' benefits as a regular practical and mindful practice are far-reaching!

For employers yoga can help to; reduced sickness absence, improved employee retention and workforce productivity, increased trust and happiness in the workplace.


For employees yoga can help to; reduced tiredness and work related stress and strain, developed confidence and a stronger social circle, improved posture and general health and fitness.

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) stress also accounted for over a third (37%) of all work-related illness in 2015-16 with a loss of 11.7 million workings days – almost 24 days per case.

Statistics on mental health in the workplace include:


  • The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development's (CIPD) Absence Management Report for 2016 showed that stress is the biggest cause of long-term absence and the second highest cause of short-term absence behind minor illnesses.

  • And almost a third (31%) of respondents in the report said that stress-related absence increased over the past year.

  • 41% of organisations said that mental health issues (anxiety and depression) had increased in 2017.

  • 32% of organisations stating stress as a main cause of absence were doing nothing to tackle it.

  • 75% of employees said they'd been stressed in the last year.

With a commitment to workplace well-being, businesses could see employees being calm and focused, more motivated and less likely to leave, and with yoga enhancing a comprehensive well-being strategy employers can combat both physical and emotional demands of the job.

Good people are hard to come by. So, for any business, your first and most important investment will be those who work for you.

- CSR report

Workplace yoga is a great employee benefit, in lots of ways! Classes can be done at your site, in a private space, they can be given objectives, fit in with your wellness strategy, and be fully tailored to any specific needs your team may have. They can focus on breathing and relaxation, meditation and mantras, or movement and asana practice.


Get in touch, and we can talk through how to support your business and employee with a structured programme of yoga-based activity.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions! Email me at:


Its been very valuable... Its been around for a while but on a widespread level is being picked up by everybody now – its being understood as something more than just a religious nutty thing, its a system of teaching yourself how to get into a state of relaxation that affects your entire life and the quality of your life” - Jim Carrey, for Transcendental Meditation UK.


[Statistical data from: UNUM and Doing Good Leeds websites.]

June classes at Yoga Hero


Throughout June I'll be the guest teacher at Yoga Hero every Tuesday from 8:00-8:45am... Pay As You Feel - and book via the Yoga Hero profile on Mind Body's app.


Come and join in for a lovely wake-up Vinyasa Flow session - mobilising the spine, opening the lungs, activating the joints and energising every extremity!

Mind / Body Wellbeing Workshop

SBLeeds studio.jpg

Join us on Saturday 9th June (10:00-12:30) in the lovely Sweaty Betty Leeds studio for two and a half hours of mind/body/well-being bliss, including lunch!

A morning of mindfulness and whole-body nutrition; step away from your desk, leave the outside world behind, and move into your self-created sphere of calm, your own Kriya – mindful and conscious actions, connecting your breath and your body, tuning in to your own life. Vinyasa flow and breath work to wake up the body, meditation techniques to use whenever you want, and yin yoga for maximum relaxation. To finish we'll share a delicious nutritional vegetarian lunch ticking all the yogic Satva diet boxes promoting balance and light flowing energy, re-fuelling and setting you up for the weekend, and we've got goodie bags with little things to take away and help structure your daily self-care at home.

TICKETS £35 per person

(Food provided by Laynes Espresso – vegan options included, please contact us upon booking with any dietary requirements and allergy information)

@ Sweaty Betty Leeds, 7-11 Cross Arcade, Victoria Quarter, Leeds LS1 6AZ

Yoga at The Piano Raft

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We've come to a lovely agreement that Sophie and Miz will take a class each week by the waterside at Oddy Locks, near Armley, with Ben providing hot coffee and tea from the Piano Raft.


Our sessions are 7:30-8:30am and Pay As You Feel - all donations gratefully received, but bring some veggie or vegan food to share for breakfast, and stay for a chat.


Keep your eye on our Facebook events for dates as each week changes!

We'll do an hour of a smooth and stretchy Vinyasa Flow, a grounding and strengthening Ashtanga-based practice or a nice slow Hatha, with some play time to have fun and explore balances and inversions on the grass...

New Classes!

Starting on Tuesday 20 March 2018 at Pure Gym Leeds North - 

TUESDAY 7-8pm Stretch 60: easing out muscles and joints after all that gym work, breathing and winding down.

SUNDAY 10-11am Flow 60: a traditional vinyasa flow class moving around the mat, exploring sequencing and choreography in yoga.

All levels welcome - sign up via the PURE GYM website!

Pay As You Feel at Yoga Hero

This week I'll take two PAYF classes at the awesome Yoga Hero at Leeds Dock, UK.

18 July 2017 - 17:15

Join us for a slow and strong vinyasa flow class - ease the tension of sitting all day, get your energy moving, open your mind and your heart and relax!

22 July 2017 - 10:45

Wakey wakey! Join us for a bright and awakening flow class, with relaxation and meditation to close... Perfect to set you up for the weekend ahead. Time to rebalance and chill.

Workshop at HéLT, Copenhagen

I've got the honour of heading to Copenhagen to teach at the amazing HéLT studio... It'll be a small but focused session, before brunch!

27 June 2017: YOGA FOR ALL // HéLT FLOW 1:

Work with floating transitions between yoga positions in conjunction with breathing, and a long meditation to close. More experienced students will have the opportunity to get deeper in their practice and improve technique & stamina.